About Me

I was born in Katoomba NSW in 1951, but spent most of my childhood in the United Kingdom.  In 1964 my family and I migrated back to Adelaide.

I started nursing in 1969, and retired in 2016.  From my first marriage I had two beautiful children. A daughter and a son.  My daughter has given me three gorgeous granddaughters, and I now also have a great grandson.  My son sadly passed in 2002. I have remarried and now have a step son and step daughter.

Whilst preparing for my retirement from nursing I thought about how I could continue to use the many skills I had developed during my years as a nursing leader, and becoming a Funeral Celebrant was a natural path to follow.

In my leadership roles I have further developed and enhanced the many skills required to be a caring, supportive and enabling Funeral Celebrant, and I am confident that I can assist you in creating a Ceremony that ensures your loved one is remembered and farewelled with dignity.

Since retiring I have completed Funeral Celebrants training through Australian Celebration, which has provided me with the appropriate support and guidance in my endeavour to fulfilling my role as a Funeral Celebrant.

I am only conducting Funeral Ceremonies as I want to ensure that I can give my full attention to those I am caring for and supporting in preparing a thoughtful and personalised Ceremony of Remembrance for their loved one , as well as enabling them to grieve their loss during this difficult time.


What I provide:

My role is to :

  • Support and assist you prepare your own Celebration of Life.
  • Personally meet with you to supportively work through a ceremony that is personalised, individualised and honours your loved one.
  • Provide ongoing support during this difficult time.
  • Be respectful and empathetic of your grief.
  • Ensure that the Order of Service is correct and meets your needs.
  • Compassionately deliver a Ceremony which allows you and your family and friends to say your farewells to your loved one with dignity, humility and love.
  • Provide to you on request of copy of the Order of Service.
  • Liaise with you and your Funeral Director during all phases of the Funeral Service to ensure the Service is conducted professionally and dignified.

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